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Here are some easy ways to pack  as much safety into your experience

Verified Identification

Hosts and guests can now verify their IDs by providing as much Formal and Social recognition of who they are when they join as BDA members.

Live Chat

Through our real-time live chat platform, you will have the opportunity to verify information about your host and guest by asking relevant questions and getting to know each other better. If you require more formal ID then ask for it.


Always be prepared to ask your host as many questions about the vacation/holiday rental you are looking at including staff, security and the neighborhood.


Our reviews section provide up to date information on villas, hosts and what suits everyone's requirements.

Listing Descriptions

Be sure to read carefully the description of the listing and what comes with your booking. Read your confirmation booking voucher for full details.

Travel Insurance

Always the choice of the safe traveler. We recommend for body and peace of mind that you enquire and take out traveler’s insurance. There are so many options these days, you want to be able to enjoy your holiday knowing if something does happen - you are covered. 

Important Documents

Make sure you have copies of all your important documents in a safe place. Keep the hard copies on you, however its a good idea to save online versions and email them to yourself or save on your mobile devide or in the cloude.

Tell Someone

Always tell someone you trust about where you are going and when you will be back. Leaving a file of your travel itinerary at home with someone trusted is always a great idea. It may help to find you. If you have a government register for travellers, you can also let them know you will be about of the country on certain dates. 

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Safe Travel!