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Verified Id

It’s about building trust

What is Verified ID?

Verified Id is way that we can make sure that correct emails are being used and thereby helping you and us go about our business without any distractions.

Why is verifying my ID important?

Verifying your ID either as a host or as a guest is about confidence and trust.

  • Confidence in knowing that the people you are dealing with are of good character and are reliable,
  • Trust in the knowledge that they have provided means of proving their identities and that you can deal with them in good conscience.

Does verified ID guarantee my safety?

Verified ID is an important step in the safety direction. However, we recommend that you always ask as many questions of the people you are dealing with as you feel necessary. Be aware of emergency contacts when you check in. SeeSafety.

What kinds of identification will I need to provide?

Both a guest and host that first signs up as a BDA member will naturally have his or her email address verified when we send a text message verifying that address. A host who then proceeds to enter his or her vacation/holiday rentals for listings will be asked for a home address and telephone numbers. 

These will all help in furthering verification of your ID. For the Guest and the Host, you can verify your ID even further by adding social media accounts to your list of verifications.

Guest Id Verification on check in

Hosts have the right to ask the guests to present passports on check in.

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