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Travelling with Friends

We have all been there, sitting around with friends when the idea pops up.. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we all went on a holiday together’, and then the excitement sets in and the planning begins.  The accommodation is booked, fli...


5 Exotic Beaches in Asia

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand With 200 baht for about 10 minutes round trip boat ride from Ao Nang, you’ll find yourself amongst limestone cliffs, virgin soft sands, and abundant hidden coves. Explore Phra Nang or diamond cave, climb the Thaiw...


Villa : The Visa for your Perfect Holiday

Holiday season is coming and once you decided your destination, your finger may clicking furiously to find your perfect holiday stay over place. There may be plenty of options there : be it a hotel, resort, or even a bungalow. But, none of them are a...


Feel Good Tips: Small Impactful Things

Lets face it, the world is not in mint condition. Not being negative about it but it is what it is or is it? Did she do this to herself? Doubt it. So, who’s responsible? Answer is all of us responsible for the earth and her well-being. Not poin...


Curiously Traveling to Asia

Information is key when it comes to traveling abroad, specifically to Asia. It's like a whole new world, really, it's a whole lot different compare to the western world. How different can it be? I won't spoil everything but here's the gist : Asi...


Where to Find the Best Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong.  It’s a big, bustling, brimming with options kind of city. It is made up of two different sides; one being Kowloon and the other called Central, divided by Victoria Harbour. Kowloon has over 2.1 million people living in an ...