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The story behind Best Deals Asia

Everyone loves going on holiday, the anticipation of travelling, the arrival and then the experience of being somewhere that is new and exciting.  But what no one likes is organising accommodation.

This is how Best Deals Asia came about.  We wanted to help people find accomodation for their holidays, while allowing villa owners or hosts and travellers the ability to communicate and essentially 'make a deal'. 

Why we are different

What makes Best Deals Asia different to other booking webites?  We listen to you (hosts and travellers). We are about connecting hosts and travellers, ensuring that everyone is happy.  Whether its additional services you require or the ability to negoatiate pricing - Best Deals Asia is all about making this communication between host and traveller happen. 

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If you want something – ask for it

This is a chance for you to have control - whether host or traveller. If you want something, ask for it.  The answer will be one of two! Try and make a deal, after all Asia is the land of the great deal.  So here is your chance to ask for something, and in most cases receive it! 

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